'Because of Buddy' is dedicated to helping people whose dogs are suffering 
from itchy skin and paws, hot spots, fur loss, yeast issues and allergies.

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Welcome! The Because of Buddy web site/blog was developed to share Buddy's story and his journey to wellness after many years on the roller coaster ride of recurring severe itching, licking, skin rashes, hot spots, ear infections, allergies and associated yeast issues. Chances are you have reached this site because you also have a dog who is on this ride and you're frustrated with constant rounds of antibiotics and steroids that are only a temporary fix. The hope is that you will find the information provided to be easy to understand and very helpful in finally getting your dog on the road to recovery too.

In an effort to help other dogs who are suffering, Because of Buddy primarily centers on Buddy's story and what has finally helped him start to get relief from allergy-related symptoms through rebuilding his immune system instead of just treating his symptoms. Dog food also plays an important role. Buddy's case may be more extreme than what your dog might be experiencing but what has helped Buddy is very likely to help your dog too. Please refer to the navigation bar on the left which contains links to pages on the health supplements/products that made a big difference for Buddy, additional helpful natural remedies, important dog food information, Buddy's personal story and daily routine. Also included is a list of Buddy's favorite items, recommended reading, and why you should choose to rescue a dog. You're  also welcome to contact me if you have any questions and I will do my best to help you and your dog! 

Heartbreaking Update: On February 16, 2013, Buddy died suddenly from internal bleeding due to a large cancerous tumor on his spleen or liver (hemangiosarcoma). Words cannot express the depth of my shock and sadness and feelings of tremendous loss. He was truly my best friend. There were no obvious symptoms and x-rays showed that he hung on for as long as he could. It seems so unfair for cancer to take him just as he was finally beating his allergies. To honor his memory, I will keep this website up and running so that he can continue to help other dogs suffering from allergy symptoms. 

April 2017 Update: In February, I took in a new Brookline Lab Rescue Dog named Teddy! Poor Teddy has had a rough time. He came to me from a shelter with a major skin condition, fur loss, an upper respiratory infection, ear and eye infections and very underweight. Every square inch of his body had sore, peeling skin and he smelled strongly of yeast. It is suspected that unknown allergies are behind his issues.  I have been working on gradually rebuilding his immune system and getting him healthy. He is doing much better but has a long road ahead. You can follow his progress and see his photos on the Buddy Facebook Page!

How my Foster Dog Buddy looked when he arrived - March 2010
About Buddy....

Buddy, a male Chocolate Labrador Retriever, came to me as an emergency foster dog with severe chronic allergies and related skin and yeast issues. Vet records indicated that from the time he was 18 months old until I got him at six years old (March 2010), he was taking antibiotics and steroids almost non-stop for atopy (environmental allergies), possible food allergy, superficial pyoderma (bacterial skin infection), malassezia dermatitis (skin yeast infection), otitis externa (inflammation of the outer ear) and possible otitis media (inflammation of the middle ear). Over the years, only Buddy's symptoms were being treated (not the underlying cause) and the treatment eventually ended up worsening the symptoms. The never-ending cycle of antibiotics and steroids also had wreaked havoc on his immune system and yeast was thriving among other problems. On top of all of that, due to the unfortunate living/health circumstances of his last owner, Buddy was neglected and also suffered from malnutrition, parasites, major fur loss and eye and ear infections.  He was quite a sad sight when I took him in. I'm not a medical professional but I promised Buddy that I would not rest until I figured out how to get him feeling better and living well as naturally as possible. To do that, I had to conduct a lot of research and address what what was causing his symptoms. What I have learned on this two+ year journey is sure to help you and your dog who might be suffering from allergy-type symptoms and skin issues. Please click here to read Buddy's Tale. 
Most of Buddy's fur was gone or very thin (2010)
As bad as he looked and felt, Buddy still had lots of spirit (2010)
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Buddy - Summer 2012.
To read 'Buddy's tale,' click here.


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